A revolution in the field of precision spray technology

From 4th May 2017 onwards, DÜBÖR exhibited at the INTERPACK in Düsseldorf and presented the business unit which focuses on a revolutionary technology for the confectionery and pharmaceutical industries: the PrecisionSprayUnit or PSU for short.

Up to now, the technology, primarily used for moulding sweets from liquid masses such as wine gums or marshmallows, has been the so-called Mogul-technology. With this method, a stamp is used to press shapes into a layer of powdered starch which are filled with the sweet compound. After a short time allowed for setting and drying, the sweets and starch have to be separated.

Mogul plants are used for products made of jelly, gum and sugary foam, soft caramel and fondant. Although this technology is reliable, it involves high investment and running costs for preparing and recycling the starch.

This is exactly where DÜBÖR and its new technology comes in, offering the confectionery and pharmaceutical industries an innovative release technology to remove sticky masses from the mould.

The PSU sprays defines exactly quantities of release agent into the moulds with cavities for the product. After filling in the compound for sweets or medicated confectionery, the products can either be removed from the mould without residue or sealed directly into the sales packaging. With this technology, costs are not only saved in terms of the complex production of stamps/dies and the starch processing but also the mould can be reused again immediately. In an optimum way, steady capacity utilisation is guaranteed and scrap quantities and unit costs are reduced. Use of the PrecisionSprayUnit from DÜBÖR guarantees stable, reliable production at a consistently high quality level.


It goes without saying that a wide range of very individual customer specifications such as product shape, plant width and required output capacity are taken into account during design.

As a specialist for release agents, the comprehensive range of products from DÜBÖR also offers the ideal product for the perfect release of sticky masses for every application.

Expertise and innovation "made by DÜBÖR"!

Setting benchmarks.

Website: www.dueboer.de

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