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Sponsored Innovation Feature - winter 2020

Mlin Katić

Serving Slovenia, the EU and the rest of the world with high quality flour

The story behind Mill Katić is as remarkable as it has been successful. After more than 15 years working as an operator in the control room of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant, the Founder, Zvonko Katić took a brave decision to build a small fl our mill with his wife not far from Krško, and start their own business.

When, after two years of construction, flour production finally began in the summer of 1990, daily capacity was then only 25 tons of wheat. However, a successful start-up meant the entire production line had to be upgraded only seven years later to meet growing demand. These days the mill is computer controlled and packs 1kg, 5kg and 10kg bags to order.

The main activity of the company is grinding wheat into different flours, i.e.: wheat flours, feed flour and bran, respectively.

"Our wide range of high quality flours offers a broad choice for both master and domestic bakers creating nutritious everyday breads, cakes and croissants. We also grind all other cereals on a stone mill."

"We feel proud to have developed a loyal customer base over the last 30 years, not just in Slovenia, but in EU countries and other parts of the world. Wherever our customers may be, we focus at all times on attaining the highest standards in production, quality and customer service."

"We have embraced technology and are investing in new lines such as milling and protein shifting equipment for beans and lentils. Our latest investment which will be completed in 2021, is a new plant dedicated to gluten and allergen-free products. Challenge us to serve you!"

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