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FRITSCH makes charitable donation to a children's cancer ward

FRITSCHA recent sale of warehouse pallets to FRITSCH staff has raised more than €1.500 for a children’s cancer ward charity. The donation was then further increased to €2.500 by both managing directors, Andreas Eyd and Frank Gabriel, respectively.

The money was handed over by Gabriel and Eyd to Monika Demmich (pictured below), chairman of the 'Station Regenbogen eV', Würzburg, an association founded in 1984 to support the children’s cancer ward and affected families through associated hardships.

The donation, made in the company’s World of Bakery, will also be used for maintaining 14 rented facilities in Würzburg where the family members have the opportunity to stay during their children’s treatment. In addition, the charity meets the costs of hospital entertainers and music therapists, plus handicraft work materials for Christmas.

Cheque donation handed to Monika Demmich