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Soya sustainability

AB MAURI Managing Director, Andy PollardAB MAURI has reassured its soya customer base of the sustainability of its products (regardless of bean origin) by making a further commitment to growers associated with Soya UK, the largest supplier of Soya, Lupin and Millet seed in the UK.

AB MAURI's first agreement with Soya UK was made in 2019 and now the company has confirmed plans to continue its commitment to the UK crop. This is now starting to filter into the formulation of the company's soya flour range.

AB MAURI's Managing Director, Andy Pollard (pictured) commented, "We've always been committed to the core principles of sustainable development and are proud to be further supporting our multi-national soya growing partners. We are acutely aware of the sensitivities associated to certain environmental practices, such as deforestation, for example. It is therefore very pleasing to reassure our soya customer base of our sustainability credentials, regardless of bean origin."

The company believes soya remains the best source of protein for multiple food groups including bakery, boasting that soya flours deliver on the key credentials of, "local processing, sustainability and responsible sourcing".

In addition to the core bakery market, AB MAURI is seeing growth in demand for their sustainable soya products, notably within the general grocery sector. This is largely due to customers increasingly looking for natural sources of protein, in conjunction with continuity of supply chain and sustainability.