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IFF & DuPont's N&B business announce partnership

IFF launched a fresh brand identity on 1st February that is intended to help the Company move forward into a new phase and reinforce its role as a global leader in quality consumer goods and commercial products. Once the partnership with DuPont's Nutrition & Biosciences (N&B) business is completed, IFF will begin what it described as "a new era" guided by a customer-centric approach.

IFF launched a new tagline, purpose, brand commitments, and cultural attributes and values as part of its new brand identity. The Company believes that these brand components will support the success of the four divisions that now comprise the new IFF.

IFF's new brand identity and tagline: Where science and creativity meet, encapsulates the company’s longstanding focus on the dynamic interplay between artistry and science to deliver differentiated, integrated solutions to customers.

"Today we start a transformative journey together to become a centre of innovation for our customers," said Andreas Fibig, IFF chairman and chief executive officer. "Our leadership team believes passionately in the importance and benefit of being a purpose-driven enterprise. We will lead not simply by relying on an unmatched portfolio and flawless execution, but by quickly unlocking new innovations as we tap into our shared passion for pairing science and creativity to deliver for our customers. We are creating an agile, empowered and innovative business that provides exceptional service and delivers on our commitment to be an essential partner for our customers."

The Company also announced that its combined Taste, Food & Beverage division will now be called Nourish. Nourish, IFF's largest division, is composed of IFF's Taste division and N&B's Food & Beverage segment. The new identity for Nourish better aligns the division with the enhanced capabilities, vision and purpose of the combined company as Nourish boldly imagines to create the future of food and beverage experiences.

IFF launched a fresh brand identity on 1st February