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Sponsored Innovation Feature - summer 2018

Koenig Maschinen

The future of the baking industry lies with flexibility

Manufacturer Koenig plans multi-purpose innovations

The baking machine manufacturer Koenig is certain of one thing: Bakeries and their suppliers need to prove their flexibility in the future. The daily challenges of bakeries have changed significantly over time and will continue to do so. Koenig creates new solutions to support bakeries worldwide in these challenges, with particular outlook to the world-leading IBA exhibition in Munich.

Flexibility to adapt to consumer trends for baked goods

Providing knowledge on dough technology, dough processing and consumer demands, is vital for Koenig. Only with this know-how, it is possible to fit bakeries with the optimum individual technical equipment, from mixing, dough processing through to baking and cooling.

For example, the consumer demand for "back-to-nature" baked goods without additives is a starting point for innovation at Koenig. Baking with sourdough and long resting time has again become very popular. Processing these doughs can be a challenge in terms of the required gentle dough handling and performance.

Another development in consumption is that of changing bread trends. Population segments such as Millennials are renowned for changing their demands overnight. The appearance of new type of bun can spread via social media and be "trendy" within a few hours. A flexible production line enables bakeries to have the technical ability to react quickly to these new trends.

Baking equipment to provide flexibility and product variety at IBA 2018

"We notice growing demand for lines which can produce a large variety of products and can be adapted to changing consumer trends, at high performance and high quality", says Koenig CEO Wolfgang Staufer.

One innovation for providing flexibility to be shown at IBA in Munich, is the universal dough sheet former for the Menes-H dough sheeting line. It processes bun doughs as well as Ciabatta doughs with long resting times. The 3-roller dough sheet former has a dough throughput of 5,000kg and is in a modular, plugin design enabling easy changing of the dough sheet width and the dough type. As part of Koenig's "H"-series for hygienic design, the dough sheet former is in washdown form.

Also, Koenig will introduce two innovations for the very first time at IBA. The manufacturer will present a new high performance dough dividing machine with 100 strokes/min. The second innovation is a dough sheeting line for commercial bakeries with a unique system for dough sheet production. This system will also have the capabilities to process low as well as high-hydration doughs.

The Koenig dough sheet former for the Menes-H dough sheeting line
Figure: The Koenig dough sheet former for the Menes-H dough sheeting line

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